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Promotions, Demotions & Fixes Empty Promotions, Demotions & Fixes

Post  Sinister on Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:48 am

Hey Guys! So firstly, Promotions & Demotions.. Fraxure was demoted due to inactivity but will remain a regular player. Your new admin is Rough Towel. He has proven himself worthy of this role and shown an outstanding attitude towards the server's success, congratulations. Secondly, welcome the new Player Moderator, Ollie. In other news, A trapdoor was added to the premium isle taking you to the exclusive Premium Dungeon. Clan chat now works 100% perfectly and thieving now works 100% along with the sotre prices of the items you sell. The server is being tested daily and slowly becoming closer and closer to being released on a webclient.

Skills that need fixing currently are:


Once the above are done and a few more small fixes, we're ready to go live!

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