VPS Update & NPC's 09/02/2013

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VPS Update & NPC's   09/02/2013 Empty VPS Update & NPC's 09/02/2013

Post  Sinister on Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:31 am

Hey everyone. As you may know, this server is being put straight onto a VPS. After several days of searching I've finally found one that I can work with.
I'm going to be releasing the server with the following:
> KBD Doesn't drop
> Godwars Doesn't drop
> Chaos Elemental Doesn't drop
> STQ Doesn't drop

All of the above will be fixed but all in good time, I feel you guys have waited long enough and the server is ready for you guys to "move in". These NPCs will be fixed very shortly but for now the main focus is getting you guys in-game and online! All slayer tower drops work perfectly alongside all dungeons and all misc NPCs.

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