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Post  Sinister on Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:18 am

So currently, as it stands the server is released as a BETA to 5 players. These players have worked tough on making sure this server has no major bugs and is ready for you guys to jump in and enjoy!

Currently, today I've done a few minor fixes and added a few new things..

- Ava's Accumilator is now tradeable.
- Defenders are now tradeable.
- Agility now works 100% and can be accessed by speaking to the Gnome Trainer at the skills teleport.
- Reward store has now been completely whiped with new items that you'll love, me and Rough definately do Wink.
- Firemaking now works (with a few future fixes).
- Fishing now works (with a few future fixes).

All that's left to do until RuneSky is ready to release is..

- Completely re-write drop tables.
- Tweak a few prices.
- Test Cooking XP Rate.
- Add Farming.
- Test Herblore XP Rate.

These are all I can currently think of, once these are fixed, well give the server a run-over and release it as a downloadable client.

Thanks for reading tongue - Sinister.

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