Going Live! & Tanglefoot 03/02/2013

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Going Live! & Tanglefoot  03/02/2013 Empty Going Live! & Tanglefoot 03/02/2013

Post  Sinister on Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:22 am

Firstly, I can now finally say I've began portforwarding RuneSky. After a long decision we'v decided that we're ready for this. Most features work other than things such as GWD, only Bandos works and KBD. These features will be fixed soon however we don't see it fair to keep you guys waiting as long as you are. We'll begin looking into a VPS over the next few days and we aim to go live extremely soon. We thank everybody who's donated towards the server and who have made it possible to come this far. Please don't let the idea of one or two bosses not working put you off, this server's jam packed with fun! In other news, the ::tangle command has been added, this will take you to an area full of Tanglefeet. These drop the much desired Dragon Hatchet Wink. Also, the Kalphite Queen is now in-game and drops Santa Hats!

Thanks, The RuneSky Staff Team.

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